segunda-feira, 5 de agosto de 2013

Battlegroup Overlord - Part II


Here we have two more BT members that returned to Marsigor modelling shop, in the city of Maia, to give another try at the Battlegroup Overlord wargames rules and exchange some friendly fire...

JF on the left and PC on the right are preparing to pick up their guns and blaze away!

Once again, this game was only possible due to JF's hard work, since this guy painted ALL the troops and armour and worked on ALL the parts of the terrain features (buildings, trees, obstacules and so on).

 This guy deserves a medal!

And, as usual, PC came up only for the ride...

Well, at least he said only good things about JF's work...

The profile weapons/vehicles cards

General view.
And no, this isn't a FOW game!

Starting the game

German troops taking positions

JF and PC almost came to grips, regarding the interpretation of the rules!

But, if JMM was there it would be a whole different matter, since surely the discussion would last until well over midnight...

The British entry side. The first infantry units starting to move.

Forward Headquarters Para Jeep.

Rules and QRS... more questions to check!

Panzer IV-H waiting for a target behind a building.

PC is bullying JF!!

Brits on the way to the objective. Taking the village centre square.

Just check JF face. He's not happy!!

The "Achilles" waiting in "Ambush" position (just before getting a shot in the (...).

Another view.

and again!

The first "Achilles" victim. An StuG III-G.
Even the camera shuddered with the blast.

This Cromwell tank was destroyed earlier by the Stug III

The German entry side.

The Panzer IV shoots at an infantry squad. Arghhhh!

This was another great opportunity to practice this nice set of rules, and JF used his considerable experience to exterminate PC's army and win the game.

Next week it will be JMM's turn to make his appearance in the shop and have a go at JF, since this guy cannot keep up this undefeated trend!


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  1. Grande reportagem! Quero mesmo dizer grande porque o texto está demasiado longo e acho que com tantas fotos/comentários mais valia um filme no YouTube. Deve ter sido obra do PC... Quanto a terreno e miniaturas, bom, 5 estrelas. Parabéns JF, está tudo em franca (disse franca, não fraca) aproximação à minha própria categoria:):)

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