quarta-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2013

Orange Scenics Artwork (15 mm cardboard buildings) - by Mário Laranja

OK guys, I have to admit it's all my fault!

That's right, there are at least 3 posts in the assembly line of our outstanding blog, ready for my word input, related to ML's and CB's fantastic artwork.

It so happens that I had a close encounter with a UFO a few days ago, and lost all recollection of time and space.

I hope you all agree this is a perfect excuse for my delay in this matter...

Will you just check out the quality of all these great pics!

This is the kind of photographic expertise JP wants to put out, when he grows up...

However, I have to admit that JP has come a long way in that matter, as you can see in the latest post he placed in his fantastic blog.

Remember that this is made entirely in paper (cardboard)!

Awsome details like these are nowhere to be found.


And after...

As you can see, this stuff is (as usual...) battlefield ready.

You just have to place an elite infantry squad in there and blaze away!

Do not forget to check out ML's website for more goodies like this one!


2 comentários:

  1. Quando crescer não quero tirar fotos destas , quero é fazer modelos destes. Mas atenção, as novas fotografias não são dos meus progressos, são mas é do iphone.

    1. É mesmo modesto...
      Nem sei como consegues ser um tipo tão modesto e ao mesmo tempo sportinguista...