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Wellington in Defence 1810 - Publicação

Para deleite de alguns camaradas da Brigada Tripeira, aqui fica a informação relativa à publicação de uma obra repleta de imagens, cujo tema é a Batalha do Buçaco, ou do "Bussaco".

Pode ser adquirido em: http://www.caliverbooks.com/

Aqui fica a informação do editor.

Wellington in Defence 1810
Bussaco and the Lines of Torres Vedras
Charles S Grant
ISBN: 978-1-85818-605-4
160 pages, well illustrated
248mm x 168mm

As Wellington’s victorious army retired from Talavera towards the Portuguese border and into winter quarters in late 1809, news reached Wellington that the French war with Austria was over. The obvious conclusion was that the Emperor could once more turn his attention and his armies to the Peninsula next year. A third invasion of Portugal by France could be anticipated in 1810.

Now we see Wellington not just as a great tactical commander but as a strategist of the first order. Anticipating the French invasion, Wellington sent a memorandum to Colonel Fletcher, his Engineer officer, giving instruction in great secrecy for the construction of a series of defences that were to become known as the Lines of Torres Vedras.

Wellington in Defence – 1810 describes the defence of Portugal against Massena, the Light Division’s action at the Coa Bridge, the battle of Bussaco and the formidable Lines of Torres Vedras which brought the French invasion to a halt. As with previous books in the series, much of the story is told through extracts from firsthand accounts.

The uniforms of the British and French armies are covered in details and in this volume special attention has been paid to the Portuguese Army. Bob Marrion has provided more than 40 new illustrations to bring the uniforms, both regulation and campaign dress, to life.

Wellington in Defence – 1810 continues this series on Wellington’s campaigns, marking the 200th Anniversary of both Bussaco and Torres Vedras.

PS: Por uma questão de curiosidade e como prova de que esta batalha foi importante, vejam a moeda em prata comemorativa e editada na República de Palau.


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