quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2012

Making of: Crimean War & Locomotives - by Carlos Briz (part 2)

And now for part 2!

As you can see, the table if full of hardware typical of the Crimean war, such as transport wagons, tents and so on, ilustrating all the materiel needed to sucessfully engage in war in this historic period.

All the elements are placed in the disposition they will assume in the dio (I hope...).

The initial paint and shading will serve the artist well, when applying the final colors.

Now for the "hardcore" work!

And it all starts with a plastic cilinder...who knew...

CB uses a product from Faller, to provide the necessary texture to the "floor" of the dio.

That timber "fence" on the side of the dio looks really good.

Will you just look at all those great buildings, all nice and shinning!

Caution: to not drool all over you tabletop, since there are more pics coming up and that way you can permanently damage your chances to check them out!

If JF decides to get his act together and place more pics on the blog, you will have a good chance to get another post related to this dio before the weekend.


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  1. Parabens por mais um excelente diorama.
    Tenho acompanhado os seus trabalhos com grande atenção onde a qualidade e a quantidade estão numa união bem conseguida.
    Felizmente que tive a oportunidade de ver alguns dos seus trabalhos na quitecnica mas gostava de os ver nas exposições para todos os que gostam destes trabalhos podermos apreciar.