quinta-feira, 26 de abril de 2012

Paper Artwork nº 12 - by Mário Laranja

Here you have it, ML is making his comeback!

After a long absense, we finnaly get a chance look at a few more examples of ML's expertise in paper modelling (1/144 scale).

Check out the dry brushing on this model.

ML: you should ask Shell for a sponsorship, since you placed its brand on this building!

As usual, every building is geared up to be used as wargames material and is ready to receive one or two squads of elite infantry.

The pics turned out great, as usual.

I really do not know why JMM and JP cannot bring out pics of this quality - these two guys (a.k.a. photo nerds) should really take a crash course in photography...

These are two great models ML, but are still a long way from CB in the current competition.

You had better turn up the heat on your modelling output or else CB will get the final prize (whatever that might be...)!