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Interwar Locomotives - by Carlos Briz

Tupolev TB-3 1/144 - Anigrand
Figures - Wargames-South
Trucks - Minifigs
Staff Car - Pithead

(Class SU 1-3-1 locomotive - Russian State Railways)

Here we have another "fresh" dio, sent by our friend CB, packed up with airpower!

Check out what a Tupolev TB-3 bomber could carry over it's wings!

This piece of hardware was one of the biggest four engine heavy bombers of it's time.

By the time of Operation Barbarossa this bomber was hopelessly outdated, but was nevertheless used in many bombing operations.

The end result for this Tupolev was usually a quick conversion into scrap metal, when faced by German fighters.

My guess is that ML's chances of catching up with CB are running very low right now.

However, a surprise might be around the corner, who knows...


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