terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

Sturmtiger in action! - by Mário Laranja

Check out ML new project, fresh from the drawing board!

A brand new Sturmtiger!

I know for a fact that ML was worried about CB's latest modelling output, and he wanted to show the world that he could also pull one of two rabbits from his (modelling..) hat.

This assault gun (a.k.a. Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 with a 380 mm RW 61 rocket launcher) was meant to be the answer to well fortified redoubts held by infantry, mainly in urban warfare.

It's 380 mm rocket launcher could easily level almost any building in sight.

And check out where the Sturmtiger is parked: a brand new village!

Well, maybe this village will not remain "new" for long, if Sturmie over there starts delivering it's ordenannce around...

This is another great piece of modelling ML - congratulations!


7 comentários:

  1. Excelente. <como já nos vem habituando o ML.


  2. And all the scenery is in paper scratch... in 1/144 scale!!

  3. qual resina, metal ou plástico, laranja é que é!. Parabéns, fantástico.

  4. Obrigado pelos elogios, vou aperfeiçoando com a prática.
    Mas jogar que é bom, ainda nada. Tenho que ir viver para o Porto. ;)

  5. vuuu.... paper model.. great job and nice camo..