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SCW & Locomotives - by Carlos Briz

(Class 4021 locomotive - Madrid-Zaragoza-Alicante Railways)

Check this out: CB brings us two more outstanding dios, related to the Spanish Civil War!

I guess this is one of the favourite historic periods with CB, since he keeps bringing wonderful stuff related to it.

By the way CB, if you really like this war that much, be sure to read Hemingway's "For whom the bell tolls" - it's a satisfaction garanteed historical novel!

The Heinkel He 115 seaplane was used as a torpedo bomber, but it's best performance was achieved in a reconnaisance role.

                                    (Class 4021 locomotive - Madrid-Zaragoza-Alicante Railways)

The Fiat BR 20 was another bomber on the Nationalist hardware list.

It's good looks were complemented by an outstanding operational performance, since it's speed allowed it to outclass the Republican main interceptors, like the Polikarpov I-15 and I-16.

However, there were never enough of them to balance the scale in a decisive way.


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