segunda-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2012

Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Mário Laranja (5)

It is done!

Check out how the Soviet farm that ML has been working on turned out.

This dio can turn out to be a perfect environment for a few infantry skirmishes...

A perfect bird's eye view of the complet dio.

Before Operation Citadel maybe there were still a few little cottages like these in the Soviet countryside, in and around Kursk. Afterwards, maybe not.

The security breach was one of the main factors behind the failure of this huge German offensive.

The Soviets knew full well (from Lucy spy ring, among others) where and when the offensive was taking place and made the necessary preparations to give a warm welcome to the German armoured forces, namely in the form of a defensive line more than 200 km deep.

That is just about the width of Portugal, by the way...

The vaunted SS panzer divisions saw their zenith in the south flank of this offensive.

After that they thought they could die in peace. 

And they did. 

Die, that is - I don't know about the "peace" part.

Great job as usual ML!

Just remember you cannot rest on your laurels.

There are hundreds of guys all over the world who are thirsting for more stuff from you and CB!

(I just wished there were more girls interested in this stuff...)


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