quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2012

Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Mário Laranja (3)

Is this for real?

Yes it is guys. 

I know some of you had doubts regarding ML's work. 

Questions like "is that really paper based stuff?" or "scratchbuilt? no way!" must have been common.

But now ML is going to turn all of you into believers! 

Just check out the next set of the big Kursk diorama ML is working on!

As you can see, this new dio is meant to be a sequel of the previous one we showed you here before.

The fence: made of paper. The sheds: made of paper. The boxes: made of paper. The well: made of paper.

I'm sure glad we were able of offer ML a truck load of paper just recently...

Yes, even the wheels are paper based!

Somebody left his (paper) trousers hanging out to dry in there...

The base for a paper tree?

I know for a fact that ML has been working every night in order to be able to finish all this wonderful artwork.

ML is really taking this competition thing with CB very seriously...

There is more of this coming up soon. 

However, only those of you who will be able to attend the "Kursk Campaign 2012" tournament, that is scheduled for Espinho in September, will be fortunate enough to be able to glance and use this and many other outstanding dios in the course of a wargame.

Do not miss out on this great event!


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