sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

100.000 Page views!

He made me do it!

That's right guys, it's JF's fault (again...).

I just did not want to bother you with the usual  "thank you" post, usually associated  to the achievement a round number of any sort in the blogging business. 
However, JF just did not stop nagging me about it, saying I had to place a post related to the number of page views we recently had over here - 100.000.

What is the big deal, anyway?

 100.000 page views in over 2 years? 

The guys at Amazon get that in just a couple of days!

I tryed to resist all I could but in the end JF resorted to a very low trick: he promised to assemble and paint a 1/72 model of my choice if I placed this post. How can a guy resist that?

Well, here you have it. The 100.000 page views celebration post!

By the way, It's great to have you guys drop by once in a while and take a look at all the stuff we place here.

We hope you continue to enjoy it, since we sure enjoy doing this!


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