sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

The One Day Campaign - Ambush Blitz (Lisbon, 24th October 2010)

The armor-piercing and HE shells are already stored; the ammo pouches are full; the tanks are fueled and ready. 

That's right guys, everything is set for the expedition of the Brigada Tripeira combat team to Lisbon, on the 24th October, to take part in the outstanding wargames event organized by His Eminence (aka Jerboa), who is also the guru of the Portuguese wargames community.

This event is scheduled to take place in one single day but without fixed round numbers or game length. Each player can play as many games as he is willing and able, during the period of the campaign, in a previously organized 6 game grids.

In this pic we can see Jerboa pointing in the direction of JMM during an Ambush Blitz game, obviously saying that it is always JMM's fault when things do not turn out according to plan.

We are always sure to experience a good time when we visit our good friends in Lisbon to participate in this kind of events and we are looking forward to it.

By the way, given my generous and some even say philanthropic nature, I am going to place a challenge here, to the fine followers of our Blog from Australia: if any of you guys are able to show up in Lisbon to watch this event or just to say hello to the players, I will personally guarantee that you will be entitled to share our lavish lunch. You just have to mention this offer made in the Brigada Tripeira Blog - I hope you still have time  to book a flight ;-)
The event will take place in Myrdinn's Magic store, near the swimming pool complex of the Restelo football Stadium, obviously in Lisbon.

The Ambush Blitz rules are available for purchase in:


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  1. If I win lotto I will see you there.

  2. In that case, maybe it would be better if we gave you a time extension: we will buy you a lavish lunch WHEN you win the lotto...