terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 57 - by Carlos Briz and Mário Laranja

Train material - Atelier Infinite
Vehicles and Figures - Wargames-South
Buildings - Orange Scenics

(Class NKPS 421-OB3 armoured locomotive - Russian State Railways)

This is another massive dio guys!

And above else, this is another joint-venture between CB and ML!

That's right, check out the new dio they sent us, all geared up with a couple of outstanding armoured locomotives and a lot of costum-made state-of-the-art buildings from orange scenics.

Besides, a lend-lease Matilda is always welcome...

Just let those Germans try and take them! They'll regret it!

Well, the Wehrmacht sure got it's hands on a bundle of these trains, early in the war, but the Russians came back strong, building more of these units and fitting them with T-34 and KV1 turrets.

JF tells me there will be a post related to the "making of" of this great dio (he failed to mention when...)

Stay tuned and check it out!


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