terça-feira, 31 de julho de 2012

The Making of WWII & Locomotives Series nº 53 (4)

That lazy guy JF is back to work!

That's right folks, when JF is on holidays, he is really ON holidays.

That means that placing a few pics in the blog for you guys to check out in simply out of the question.

That's what a civil servant mentality does to a guy...

The design of the overall placement of the buildings and models in this dio was CB's job.

Now you can check out how he did it.

Who could have guess that that black thing over there would turn out into a beautiful set of buildings (the bombed out part will be a bonus feature...).

Here you can notice the master's first hand, painting wise.

This first dry brushing looks really good.

Indeed, I can say that no self-respected bombed out neighborhood should do without one!

Next time enters the (bombed out) locomotive!

I mean, hope so, since a guy never knows when JF will decide to suspend all his personal activities for an indefinite amount of time...

Wake up dude!


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