segunda-feira, 16 de julho de 2012

The Making of WWII & Locomotives Series nº 53 (3)

And now for number 3 - This is when CB comes into the picture!

Someway, somehow, ML's paper artwork found it's way into CB's work bench.

After applying the primary color, CB proceeded with the plannig of this dio, by the way of figuring out where to place his piece of choice: the locomotive.

But wait!

Before anything else, a guy has to work out the base of the dio.

This is where CB "The Carpenter" comes in.

As you can see, this guy does not buy his stuff in the nearest department store - given the fact that he has no department store no where near his place.

I could also do this...but I prefer checking out how CB does it.

There is more of this coming out after all, when that lazy guy JF takes the trouble of placing the necessary pics on the blog. 

You're on holiday dude! What excuse do you have for all that laziness now?


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