terça-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2011

Paper Artwork - by Mário Laranja(8)

And now ML is starting to reveal his secrets!
 (Yes Mário, from now on this will be your BT member nickname - blame JF for this)
(For his lack of imagination, that is...) 

Now you can see ML's drawing board, where his paper models see the light for the first time.

It must be a really simple thing: you just draw this stuff on a paper sheet and then use a good pair of scissors to cut it to size - no big deal, after all...

To tell you the truth, I did not even know there was such thing as a SU-1-12 Russian self-propelled gun.
However, now I know that it mounted a 76 mm gun (1927), that was placed on a GAZ-AAA truck.

I dare you to find a similar model out there made of PAPER!

Another great model ML!