quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Paper Artwork - by Mário Laranja(7)

Oh yes!

Here you have it, a WWII Russian combat unit in the making - in PAPER!
(In 1/144 scale and all scratchbuilt...)

The ZIS 6 truck variations take the lead.

And the rough and tough KV2's bring on the rear, for protection.

These models are ready to serve as a complet Ambush Blitz armoured unit...hopefully.
Mário: I have an established and solid reputation as the laziest wargamer in town where painting is concerned, and I sure need some help in getting a new Russian army for the next Ambush Blitz tournament.
Think about it - there is still enough time to send you my army list.
I promise you the infantry will show up on time (I'll ask JMM to paint them...) 

Here you have it - how the PAPER master performs his magic!
A Russian light tank in the making.

What is this? This little model is going to cost one euro? One full euro?

I am glad we're able to get Mário a free truck load of paper. 
This way the price of this stuff is sure to drop again to the cent figures.


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