segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Portvscala 2011- Photo Report 3

And here you have a few pics portraing JMM and myself during the game we tried to play this day.

As usual, the game was made of 10% moving the troops around the terrain, and of 90% arguing about the rules.

Here you can see JF standing at a safe distance, thinking to himself "when will these two guys grow up!"

You can see me pointing to JMM and trying to bring him to reason, saying that he should have known by now that cheating is not allowed by the rules.

In this pick you can notice that JMM has already calmed down and accepted the fact that his troops were about to have their (...) thoroughly kicked by my elite troops.

Here you have JMM's troops retreating in panic!

And here JF is explaining to JMM that according to rule nº 13, he will definitely lose the game. YES!

Here is when JMM was trying to fight the inevitable and "resurect" his units that were already "dead".

That is my arm, gently trying to convice him otherwhise...

A throw of the dice can be a tricky thing...

Model exhibition? Who cared about the model exhibition ?

The real exhibition that day was made by the Brigada Tripeira combat team!