quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Albuera Battle Diorama

Our huge following must be wondering what happened to the almost daily posts related to Carlos Briz dioramas.
The short answer is this: Carlos is only human, after all!
Let's give him a well deserved rest and allow him time to complete his ongoing projects.

Carlos: you have until next week to do all of that and send us more stuff...

I've been in the Albuera last weekend for the bicentennial reenactment of the battle that took place the in 16th May 1811, and took the chance to visit the local museum, where I found these very interesting dioramas.

Here we have a representation of the French cavalry charge (Polish lancers included) that decimated the Colborne Brigade, during this battle

The French columns cross the La Albuera bridge

Die hard, 57th! 
These were some to the last words of Lieutenant-Colonel William Inglis, who after being wounded during the battle refused to retire and leave his boys from the 57th Regiment of Foot

This is an outstandig diorama of the village of La Albuera in 1811, in the process of being stormed by the French columns

The quality and the details of the figures and buildings are simply breathtaking.

Pedro Casimiro

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  1. Sorry, but the diorama "Die hard, 57th" is really the spanish Regimiento de Irlanda stopping the avalanche of french troops of the 34th Line Regiment of the Girard's Division.
    Fico muito contente de que o senhor gostase dos nossos dioramas.


  2. Fantastic terrain and figures, the photo's look awesome!!

  3. "Gracias" for your correction Benito! Do you have a web site were we can take a look a some of your stuff? If so, send us the link and we will place it here.

  4. Amazing!!!!! I can´t imagine how long these must have taken...

  5. Whoever did these is a master builder...La Albuera bridge is beyond words.

  6. Neste link:
    pode-se encontrar todo o processo de criaçao dos quatro dioramas da batalha de La Albuera. Alem disso, estão alguns trabalhos dos meus colegas.
    Peço desculpas por escrever em portugues; é porque acho que o meu portugues não é tão péssimo como o meu inglês.