terça-feira, 2 de novembro de 2010

WWII D DAY Series nº 5 - by Carlos Briz

(Diesel Shunter)

What the Brigada Tripeira guys promise they always deliver! And here you have it: another outstanding set of Carlos Briz dioramas!

(2-8-2-Steam Locomotive)

As you have surely noticed, Carlos is a BIG fan of railway material. 
I ask you: where have you ever seen a WW II diorama of a LCT with a locomotive on it?

(Sherman with deep wading kit)

Those of you with a magnifying glass can see an "angel" and a "devil" in this pic...

(Sherman & Armoured Recovery Vehicle)

JMM was supposed to have already delivered a new post by now, related to "The Box" he recently received and that he so proudly announced to the world.
However, as usual, nothing happened. 
He wasted his time reminding (i.e. nagging) me about the fact that my Character Series post was not out on schedule.

JMM, dude, when are you going to pull your act together, huh?
You forced us to spend hours working on this extensive, complete and outstanding post to make up for your laziness.
I am sure our followers from Australia cannot sleep at night waiting to read your nerdy, I mean, interesting post about "The Box".