quarta-feira, 24 de julho de 2013

Brigada Tripeira in Action: Battlegroup Overlord rules demo at Marsigor

General view from the gaming table
British entry - Left
German entry - Right (of course...)

That's righ guys, BT is always on the move!

Our outstanding Gn JF (that manages to win a wargame once in a while...) organized an Battlegroup Overlord demo game at Marsigor wargames shop, in the city of Maia, with the cooperation of our good friend Mr. Simão. 

This is a new set of wargame rules for us, related to WWII, that has a lot of promise to it and, as always, JF is on point when it comes to organize and paint all the necessary military hardware and scenarios.

This guy is what you can call a Super-Wargamer!

The game opposed an airborne British combat group against a German Panzer Division, in an "Attack / Counter-Attack" scenario (500 points game)

(close-up of a terrain feature)

(swamp terrain)

German side entry.

British enter side

Objective - control the building!

(StuG attack, supported by an ambushed PaK 40)

(A Sherman Firefly (left) and a 6 pdr gun (center), waiting in ambush for the "krauts")

(A British para squad advancing on the road)

Over there of the right we can see our good friend Mário, who has been AWOL for a long time, but unexpectedly droped by this time, to check out the new rules.

Be sure to keep on dropping by dude!

(The German troops moving to attack, supported by a ambushed PaK 40)

(The PaK 40 looking for a target!)
Check out the oustanding paint job on this Pak.

(A StuG III Ausf G supporting the Panther tank moving behind the tree line.)

(The vehicle/gun Data/Profile cards, made by JF)

(Mário (left), Jorge Faria (center) and Figueirinhas (right) preparing the next turn)

(A difficult decision to take. Move, or Shoot??)

(Confirming the shooting distance in the profile card)

(The germans advance thru an small wood)

The british reinforcements arrived (at last)!

(The british Sniper with a spotter!)

(Sniper and a scout Jeep )

(The scout Jeep)


(German reinforcments arrived to the table)

The BR (Battle Rating) deck cards, and the game tokens (plastified)

It seems that the British side, played by JF, won this game (against guys that had almost no wargaming experience at all...), and now he can brag about it for the next year or so...

Nice going dude!

All in all, it was an great saturday afternoon, enjoyed with the company of good friends.

Thanks to Mr. Simão from Marsigor, for all the support!


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  1. +1
    Mesa mto bem composta, parabéns!

  2. Grande modelismo! Este cenário ficava bem nos livros de regras da battlegroup. Parabéns grande JF!!.