segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2012

Kursk Campaign 2012 - by Mário Laranja (6)

ML has been holding out on us!

We can see here a JS I (a prototype, maybe...) casually passing by the farm built by ML on his way to the Kursk battlefield.

However, ML has yet to send us some specific pics related to this new paper model.

That is not fair ML! 

I already warn you that JF is going to start an international petition to force you to send us all the pics you have related to that model.

There are never ending columns of (paper) vehicles on their way to the battlefield.

Look, the Soviets even managed to get their hands on a lend-lease AEC Matador!

Here you can see the dwellers of this farm are true Soviets.

Even their underwear is red.

By the way, ML also has a great blog where you can find more paper models and a great tutorial, where he describes in detail how to do them.

Check it out!


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