segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

Carlos Briz "Man Cave" - Part 2

Here we are again, with another report related to Carlos Briz "Man Cave".

Nope, it´s not Carlos you can see in the pic above, it's a guy we picked up in Coimbra on our way to Lisbon, AKA JP.
JP is not a wargamer by nature (whatever that means...), but enjoys going with us to tournaments and we sure enjoy his company.
This is a guy who also has outstanding habilities where miniature modelling is concerned, and maybe one of these days he will let us publish some pics from his private "Man Cave" - I can garantee you will like that. 

Here you have a few close-ups of Carlos's stuff.

Here you have Carlos on the left and PC on the right.

From left to right, here we have: JF, PC, Carlos and Peixoto.
JMM is behind the camera - you can guess this by the poor quality of this pic...

Same guys, diferente the way, what position is that JP?

Carlos workbench (again...)

Enough is enough!

No more goodies from Carlos "Man Cave" or else we will run out of all the available space around here, and we have to save some of it for JP's very own "Man Cave"!


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