sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

Carlos Briz "Man Cave" - Part 3

Well, here I am, breaking my pledge related to not placing any more pics from Carlos's very own man cave.

In my defense I have to say that JF twisted my arm into doing this and since he also promised to paint me a brand new 1/72 scale roman DBA army, here they are.

JF: that was what you promised, right?

We needed to be there a full week, just to check out the details of all the great dios laying around.

Next time we will bring our sleeping bags...

Here we can see a somewhat puzzled PC, who does not quite understand how a guy can paint and assemble so much stuff within a limited lifespan.

By the way, PC is a guy who has not painted a piece of shrapnel in more than two years... 

As you can see, Carlos cannot complain since he still has some available shelf space to place more dios.

By the way Carlos, we have been there more than two weeks ago, and you still have not sent us any new pics.

WHAT are you waiting for?