domingo, 31 de agosto de 2014

Espimodel 2014 - 1st day

First day at Espimodel 2014 photo report.

 The event entry at Espinho City.

Jorge Faria (left), Miguel Mendes (center) and Carlos Briz (right)
And a general view from the table, prepared to play an Battlegroup demo game.

Another view (all miniatures are in 15mm).
An Overlord scenario - D-Day + 1 "Counter Attack at Gruchy"

A 6pdr gun waiting for an target (Peter Pig figures-Kerr & King base an building)

Germans in ambush inside an forest (Forged in battle figures)

Sherman tank troops on the road. A perfect target for the ambushed germans
Road - Battlefront
Sherman's M4 - Plastic Soldier
Sherman "Firefly" - Forged in Battle
(British tanks playing as Canadian troops ;-))

Panzer's IV in ambush, behind an gentle hill.
Panzer IV's - Peter Pig

 Pak 40 guns and german infantry also in ambush
Pak 40's -Peter Pig
Right Pak base from Kerr & King
Hedges (scratch) - Made by João Pedro Peixoto

The Sherman Tanks again. Just check the germans waiting (behind the hedges) for the first kill shot.

Canadian infantry following the tanks.
Figures mix - Forged In Battle, Peter Pig and Plastic Soldier

Another angle from the german troops positions. The anticipation of a massacre.

Behind the German lines.

Again, CB and MM chating.

The WWI warriors


Several people have shown interest in the game.
The game began with Miguel Mendes (germans) against Guilherme Gomes (Canadians - sorry Gui, I forgot to take you a photo) and continued with J. Faria (replacing Miguel).

Next week the second day photo report at Espimodel.
See you soon.

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