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Espimodel 2013 - Photo Report

(entrance to the Espimodel 2013 modelling eventin Espinho-Portugal)

Once again, we had a bright and sunny day during this anual event. This is always a good thing, since this encourages the local girls to go out on the street with minimum clothing... 

Carlos Briz also came up north, to attend this event, and it sure was nice to see him again!

(General view of the show room)
Check out the models on display:

Check out some of the dios that Carlos Briz brought to this event 
(they will soon show up here, with greater detail)

(In the pic above we have JF explaning the rules to a new guy)

As usual, the Brigada Tripeira dream team came up for some wargaming, with the Battlegroup rules.

(In the pic above we have JF on the far left and CB on the far right)

Also as usual, it was JF that brought every single piece of the material necessary to assemble the table/scenario and play the game. 

This guy is a hero!

More people joined to watch Brigada Tripeira guys playing the die, in this case PC is throwing an fire dice!

General view of the table (1,50m x x1,20m) for a 375 Pts game.

This is the German entry side (right corner).

The British entry side (right corner)

The British units.

The German units.

PC is moving is Tiger against a daring Sherman! Damn you!!

Carlos Briz with Pikapedra Staff (a Brigada Tripeira supporter).
- Pedro Santiago - Carlos Briz - Sara Alves -

- Pedro Santiago - Carlos Briz - Jorge Faria -

Thanks for Núcleo de Modelismo de Espinho for the great welcoming to Brigada Tripeira and for the invitation to participate in this event.


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