quarta-feira, 20 de março de 2013

WWII lomocotives & War Series nº 74 - by Carlos Briz

Big Bird - F-toys
Figures - Pendraken
(Class SW-2 locomotive - United States Transportation Corps)

What a perfect combination: horsepower vs. air power!

The B-17 "flying fortress" bomber is one of my favourite bombers of all time!

This piece of hardware also has some sort of iconic aura around it, since there were plenty of wartime tales related to the pounding these birds were able to take from the enemy and still manage to fly, and bring it's crew to their home base.

The US Transportation Corps performed many "miracles" during WWII.

One of them was the fast-paced rebuilding of the French railway network, after D-Day, allowing for a swift deployment of men and materiel.

That was heavy duty stuff!