quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2013

WWII Locomotives & War Series nº 69 - by Carlos Briz

(Class V 36 Dopellok - German State Railways)

CB delivered!

As I mentioned in our last post, it was a supernatural event that prevented CB's latest dio from showing up around here before the new year, but I can vouch that it was on our mailbox before that date.

You can see that CB never leaves a challenge unheeded...

Now you know what it takes to make a submarine cross a bridge: you just have to place it on a train!

The Type XXIII submarine is another great piece of less known war material used by CB on his dios.

This sub was designed to provide an easy transport by rail, allowing it's hull sections to fit the standard railway car, as you can notice in this dio.

Check out the awsome perspective given by this pic.

This guy is also a photo-artist!

Well, there is another great post coming up, this time from ML.

Stay tunned to the BT blog, the best modelling/wargaming blog on the web!
(we are a modest bunch...)