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WWI Locomotives & War Series - by Carlos Briz

Bug - Shapeways
Figures - Pendraken
Trucks - Gem Fleetline

(Class 280 locomotive - Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co.)

Well guys, I have to tell you the honest truth: I lost count of the number of posts related to WWI, therefore I am unable to place the series number on this one.

But, once again, this is JF's fault!

This guy, is employed in the civil service - and it's a given fact that he has little or nothing to do all day.

Therefore, he surely could put to good use all the available time he has, and trace back all our posts in order to figure out the status in every series.

Come on dude, think of this as the exercise you are always planning to do, but never get around to it...

In a CB dio you are always sure to get a bonus treat, since he usually places something that you have never heard before.

Be honest now: which one of you guys has ever heard something about the "Kettering Bug"?

I know for a fact that (besides CB...) I am the only one that knows something about this piece of hardware, that was almost used in WWI (I didn't even had to resort to wikipedia for this...not too much anyway...).

This "Bug" was designed to deliver about 80 kg of explosives to the enemy by remote control, during WWI.
(now you know who the drone's great grand father was)

Given the fact that there was a heavy risk of placing ordonnance transported by this little bird on allied troops, somebody had the good sense of never actually using this stuff in combat.

However, a guy has to wonder where this sudden concern for the welfare of the troops came from, since the "guys in charge" during WWI never had any worries about sending thousands upon thousands of soldiers against well entrenched machine guns...


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