quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2011

WWI Locomotives & War series nº 19 - by Carlos Briz

(Class 130 locomotive - US Transportation Corps)

I must warn you of one thing: Carlos is not happy.
He has been following with keen interest the votes you have been placing in our current poll, and it seems he is not happy with the fact that until today only 19 votes have been placed. 
As you know, the current poll is related to this fine and skilled modeler, giving you guys the opportunity to say (hopefully...) good things about him and showing your appreciation for all the work he has been doing here.

(Class 2-2-1 locomotive - Russian Imperial Railways)

Just a brief note: this one is simply rated as "outstanding", in my book...

(Class P8 locomotive - Württemberg State Railways)

Resuming my monologue: therefore, I ask you to consider if you really want to risk upsetting our friend Carlos, by the way of not voting in our current poll.

I mean: where else will you find a diorama related to the State of Württemberg?

Jorge Faria/Pedro Casimiro

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