quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010

German SPG's Part 2 - The "Hummel"

The Hummel (Bumble Bee, in portuguese Abelhão) also known as Panzerfeldhaubitze 18M auf Geschützwagen III/IV (Sf) Hummel, Sd.Kfz. 165, was a self-propelled artillery gun based on the Geschützwagen III/IV chassis (which used the Panzer III driving and steering system and Panzer IV chassis, suspension and engine). 
It was armed with a 15 cm howitzer - 15 cm schwere Feldhaubitze 18 or sFH 18, with a effective range of 13,350 m.

They served in armored artillery battalions or Panzerartillerie Abteilungen of the Panzer divisions, forming separate heavy self-propelled artillery batteries, each with 6 Hummels and one ammunition carrier.
When the war ended 714 Hummels had been built with another 150 ammunition carriers.

I use them as heavy artillery support with the rules Ambush Blitz. The models are in 1/144 Scale, from Wargames South, the crews are adapted from Minifigs 12mm Gunners.
I made a small adjustment to one of my Hummels, I’ve pulled out the gun to become a weaponless ammunition carrier.


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